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Dog Couplers/Splitters

Made In The UK By Church Products UK
We make 2 way and 3 way coupler/splitter dog leads. These are great for when walking more than one dog at once. So that they can be walked using just 1 lead.
Click here to see our Coupler/Splitter Dog Leads
Alfie and Chino are doing a great job showcasing our 2 way coupler. These are adjustable in length so you can find the right length for you and your dogs.
We use a strong nickel plated O-ring to connect the splitter together. Here you can attach any dog lead to this O-ring. As shown in the picture above we used a 10" Padded Handle Dog Lead to connect to the O-ring.
These are available in 13mm, 20mm and 25mm polypropylene webbing and a wide range of colours to choose from.

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