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Multi-use Bag

Made In The UK By Church Products UK
This multi-use bag is great for when walking your dog. It is comfortable to wear, strong, durable and convenient for dog walkers and dog trainers. You can keep dog treats, poo bags, small toys/ball and any other accessories you may have. This can also be used for general use as a day to day bag.
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What are the features?
There is the main pocket to keep your larger items in, and we have included an outer pocket for smaller accessories. We decided to include a sewn-in trigger clip inside the main pocket so that keys and valuables can be safely kept inside the bag to prevent losing them. To keep the bag tight and secure we have added a drawstring and toggle to close the bag ensuring accessories don`t fall out.
The bag has been designed so that it can be worn in different ways to suit you. It can either be worn over the shoulder using the adjustable strap to make it fit just right. Or clipped on to your belt/jeans/pockets using the metal clip, and finally using the webbing loop so that your belt can go through to keep the bag secure and stable.
 Multi-Use Bag Dog Treat Bag Pouch Navy With Cow Pouch Pattern

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